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Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Enquirers Answered

  • I have a billing complaint. What should I do?
    Do not worry. Reach out to us and we'll help you. You can use one of our easy options to register your billing complaint. Live chat, your digital assistant is available on our website to chat. Just click on it, select Complaint Registration, and follow a few simple steps to raise your billing concern. Please write to our Email Helpdesk at You can reach us at +260 211 250124 Visit your nearest Customer Care Centre.
  • How does your billing system work?
    After the meter is connected, a Customer Account Number is allotted based on the location and a nearby Customer Care center. This determines your Cycle Number and Book Number. Based on Cycle Number, readings are taken by our Meter Reader every month, The readings are entered into out billing system that calculates the bill amount. Bills are then printed and dispatched to your billing address.
  • When do tariff rates change?
    Usually tariffs are revised every year and is communicated well in time.
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