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North-Western Energy Corporation (NWEC) Limited was incorporated in July 2007 and is in its 12th year of operation. The principal activity of the company is to construct, operate and manage distribution of electricity in the non-mine areas of North-Western Province, Solwezi. The company is Zambian owned by Enfin Limited and Mr. Andrew Kamanga with ownership of 94.1%, who is also the majority shareholder in Enfin Limited.



Our core focus is to provide decentralized and interconnected energy solutions that address the needs of our customer and those of the environment. We aim to lead Zambia's shift towards new technology by working with customers and companies across communities to make energy simpler, smarter and more sustainable.


Our vision is to be Zambia's leading energy distributor and to be exporting energy to the rest of the region

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NWEC started full operations in Lumwana for the Lumwana Property Development Corporation (LPDC) in October 2008 where USD10 Million was invested to supply to the housing estate to cover 1000 houses and a few commercial areas such as banks and filling stations, which is called the Lumwana.

Later NWEC in 2012 was engaged by FQM to replicate the Lumwana power distribution model for the Kabitaka and Kalumbila township developments where the new Trident Mine was being developed

Therefore, so as the Lumwana Property Development Corporation project, NWEC signed 15-year concessions with First Quantum Minerals through Kabitaka Development Corporation and Kalumbila Town Development Corporation projects to design, finance, build and operate the power infrastructure at the two locations. In addition, electricity supply is also given to a few commercial areas in the township such as banks, filling stations, schools and clinics 

Installing Electric Cables

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